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Each year we celebrate Halloween on October 31 st. Halloween festivities are filled with ghost-stories, haunted houses, hay rides, trick-or-treating, and anything frightening! A severe fear of public speaking. Side effects include dry mouth, weak voice, stuttering, shaking, sweat, red face, and rapid heartbeat. Glossophobia is the most common phobia to have.

Facing Your Fears: Tips to Overcoming Anxiety and Phobias

Extreme or irrational fear of heights. People who suffer from Acrophobia experience panic attacks or extreme agitation in high places.

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Some believe Acrophobia is ingrained in our systems from primitive humans and their survival instincts to avoid high terrain. This phobia may be attributed to a fear of falling or a fear of death. Unrealistic fear of insects and other animals. Those who suffer from Entomophobia experience extreme anxiety just thinking of insects. They may start to feeling delusional sensations like pricking, itching, crawling, and burrowing on their skin. Symptoms include not leaving the house, having a panic attack if encountering bugs, and going to the doctor for skin problems.

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People who suffer from Aquaphobia are non-swimmers avoiding large bodies of water like lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans due to the fear of unseen, eerie things in the water like snakes and sharks, gasping for breath, or death in the water. Irrational fear of needles, pins, or injections. Just the idea of getting a shot can trigger anxiety for someone with Trypanophobia. Symptoms include feeling faint, passing out, nausea, panic attacks, and increased heart rate. Citizens are free to choose their own ends and make their own happiness in their own ways. Full-fledged representative democracy may not be possible in a country as large as China.

It provides both an alternative governance model for a united China and, alongside Hong Kong, an example for localized pro-democracy and federalist movements that could crop up at any time.

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Chinese warships, combat aircraft and strategic bombers have circled the island multiple times over the past two years, to intimidate both Taiwan and the United States. The message is clear. The time has passed in which America and its Pacific allies could engage both Beijing and Taipei.

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Equivocation today equals weakness, which will invite violence. Three policy areas require focus. First, the U. Second, the U. Third, the U. Read in The Hill. Seth Cropsey. Thomas J. As an election and the threat of a recession loom, the president faces down the problems of China, WTO reform, and a weakened global economic order Walter Russell Mead.

We all wanted to sleep in bed with mom since we thought she could protect us from scary monsters lurking in the closet and under the bed. Truth be told — we were all a bunch of chickens who did what we could to avoid sleeping alone in the dark. As I grew older, due to beds maxing out at the size of kings, I graduated to sleeping alone with a nightlight. Eventually, I learned how to overcome fear completely and slept by myself in total darkness.

Myself included.

Phobia List – The Ultimate List of Phobias and Fears

I was reminded by this fact the other day after dashing in darkness up the basement stairs, feeling as though an evil spirit might grab and pull me down…as a year-old man. Fear, according to Merriam-Webster, is an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. This emotion lives inside us and all other living creatures, but part of what makes us human is our creative and rather unfortunate adaptation of it.

While fear for immediate danger is useful and necessary, our fabricated fear of the future is often silly and unfounded. More than anything, this fear holds us back from realizing our hopes and dreams, and from achieving success in our lives. All these fears — for humans — are natural. The point is, we all live with it. But letting it prevent you from living out your dreams is a crime against humanity. It robs the world of you and your gifts. Yet sadly, this happens all the time.