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I love to teach. Different styles of teaching are integrated into my courses to meet the needs of my students. If a student puts forth a reasonable effort, I want that effort to pay off in spades. Learning accounting is an individual accomplishment but requires a team effort. Die-hard sports fan, avid cook, swimmer, camper, and international traveler.

Leads annual study abroad trip to Guatemala over Spring Break. I'm originally from New York, which is also where I got my B. I was trained as a medieval historian, but I also teach classes in ancient history, the history of the Renaissance and Reformation and the history of early science. My own particular areas of interest are medieval cultural and intellectual history. His current research project examines school choice, particularly middle class families who decide to remain in central cities and enroll their children in central-city public schools. Papers based on this research have been presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, the Eastern Sociological Society, and the Association for Humanist Sociology.

In his free time, he enjoys novels, Netflix, mountain hiking, various lake activities, and the beach. Kolbfleisch has worked in a variety of practice settings in occupational therapy. She has previously worked in the pediatric setting, including schools, early intervention, and outpatient pediatrics.

Kolbfleisch has also spent time working in home health and skilled nursing facilities at a clinical level and in various management roles. She currently works in the acute care and inpatient rehab settings at WakeMed Hospital, in addition to her academic role. Laura Lamm is North Carolina-born and is living proof that a person can teach in the public school system for over thirty years and retire in good health.

Laura has appeared in many films and stage productions both locally and regionally, and while she enjoyed this work, she came to realize that she missed the classroom, so she joined Methodist University through the Writing Center where she tutored students on the paper writing process.

She loves to travel both at home and abroad, but most days when MU is not in session, Laura can be found at the coast where she lives part-time. She loves walking the beach, scavenging for driftwood and shells, and fishing. Skip to content. Hamid Abbassi, MBA. Trustees C.

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